August 24th, 2007

England swings like a pendulum do

Sweet barking cheese! Trillian and I are going to be in ENGLAND the first week of September. We'll be staying in Whitechapel with the funtabulous Ed Dirt for the first few days, then maybe in London on Wednesday with whafford, then possibly going south to Devon to hang out with my UK publicists and visit Gay's Creamery. But we mostly have no plans so, if you want to meet up, hang out, etc., now's your chance. Especially if you live somewhere interesting (and, being from America, anyplace in England is interesting) and have space for us to crash for an evening -- I kind of feel like hotels are wasted time that you could be spending meeting people and eating marmite pretzels and asking questions like "how far is it to the Basingstoke Roundabout from here?"

I'm also interested in photographing UK gun owners for a magazine article -- so if you or your father or your crazy uncle Balthazar belong to a gun club, definately drop me a line -- and WWII vets, with or without tattoos.
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