August 30th, 2007

in today's city paper

There's an excerpt from a really wonderful interview by A.D. Amorosi in this week's philadelphia citypaper.

It was a nice interview because A.D. knows the whole body of my work and asked me questions about how this ties into other things I've done in the past, he's not reading off of some sheet prepared by an intern who spent 30 minutes on the Internet coming up with some background of me.

I'll see if I can get ahold of the whole interview later


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City Kitties Update.

You win some, you lose some. Squrrel, the kitten that was hit by a car is recovering at the Cat Doctors, the blind kitten, sadly, died during the surgery to remove the remains of her infected eyes. I never met her, but I still feel really bad about this. Such a horrible life to live for so short a time

City Kitties has a new kitten someone found under a car, a tuxedo, who is looking for a place to stay -- think of it, a tiny Roswell. And, in insane news, Nelson, the three legged kitten y'all helped get his operation has yet to be snatched up! You could give him a home!

If there's money burning a hole in your pocket or you want to make a tiny memorial to the blind kitten who didn't make it -- City Kitties always needs money and always has more kittens than they have homes for.

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