September 19th, 2007

Hong Kong Invasion!

So ... somewhere in Hong Kong there's a guy whose name may or may not be Danny Lee who has a plan for ... er ... "endowing men" ... and wants to get his plan to the largest number of people possible. So what does he do? He creates maybe 100 web sites with names like, hijacks a bunch of computer mail servers around the world, sends out a few hundred thousand spam messages with bogus return addresses saying
Greeting buh
Manster is designed and manufactured in the United States

and i wake up to 600+ bounced messages with return address like "".....

as fast as i delete them, more are pouring in.....

If only I knew someone in Hong Kong with an army of spiders that did her bidding .....

contact-hdl: CCOM-1088526
person: Danny Lee
organization: Health Worldwide Inc
state: --
postal-code: 00000
country: HK
phone: +852.945898445

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i love momcat.

wow. momcat's been here for like ... two years.

july 9, 2005 -- first photo of momcat and wiggles, under the hasta plant in the back yard:

she turned into a lovely little pumpkin.

more photos of momcat's life inside Collapse )

Someday, momcat, I'm going to pet you!
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