October 15th, 2007

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I gave a lecture at the Philadelphia Sketch Club on friday.

then I went to club XIX, cause it's swank. they had the balcony open.

from there you can see the city

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El blogosphere has not exactly exploded, but ruptured with commentary about the article in the Observer:

A thoughtful post about Armed America on the (Notes on) Politics, Theory & Photography blog.

The rollfilm blog also writes about Armed America today.

Nothing nice to say about the Observer article at The Libertyzone blog which challenges a number of the points raised in that article.

Pat dollard reprints the guardian article for readers lots of comments, but none of them about Armed America yet.

Snowflakes in hell wrote about it.

Common Dreams has exploded with comments.
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cornflake girl

so, for ... like 8 months now, devoted sattelite has said "keep october 15th free, i'm going to take you out for your birthday." so today, after work, we went up to 69th street to look at the wig shops and shoe stores and the mcdonalds, and as we're walking down the street, i see that one of the streets is barricaded off, surrounded by security guards. i look down the street and notice that one of the people security is keeping from rushing up to me to ask for my autograph is Tori Fleeping Amos.

"Let her through," I said to the guards, I appreciate being able to shop unmolested, but there's such a thing as professional curtosy, "That's Tori Fleeping Amos," I said, "let her through, she probably has a photo of Roswell she wants me to sign."

But it turns out I was a little mixed up -- Devoted Sattelite had gotten VIP tickets to the Tori show for my birthday. So they dragged about 50 of us in, plopped us down in the first two rows of the empty Tower Theater, and there was a little private show (sort of like a musical lap dance).

She played Precious Things so I was happy. But dang, I'm beat now. Sleeeep!
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