October 27th, 2007


best thing about my suit?

it is vin-tage sukkas.

let me introduce you young-uns to the year 1980:

Bonn Scott dies, AC/DC charges on, releasing "Back in Black" with new singer Brian James, 52 American hostages in Iran, Mt. Saint Helens errupts, covering the Pac. NW in ash, Ronald Regan elected president.

And my suit is made.

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roswell's scary morning

so ... roswell and i are sitting out on the back porch this morning, enjoying a tasty sandich and working on an article for Videomaker Magazine.

"mmmmm!" says roswell, "want!"

during the feasting the rain starts.

"what is this?" says roswell. she looks up, she looks around, this new thing is more fascinating than the sandwitch! it is amazing! she runs from one side of the porch to the other, sticking her nose out, touching the water with her paw, running to the other side of the porch -- what could this be? can i eats it? does it has a flavor?!

then the rain comes down in sheets! the noise is like a garbage truck. noah floats by in a rubber dingy, asking if i've seen two rats, male and female. the heavens come down.

"do not want!! says roswell, "do not want at all!"

milla and tatty know from way back that outside is where the evil is, only roswell ever really dares the back porch and now she has Changed Her Mind.

i open the door and she bolts in. a few minutes later the wind is blowing rain up onto the porch so i pack up and head in. roswell comes running down the stairs, meowing loudly, running around my legs -- telling me about her great adventure; she was outside, there was wet, ooh, it was awful. she's glad i'm back in. i pick her up and she purrs.

large panoramic picture of teh rain Collapse )
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