November 7th, 2007

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last night Trillian and I got all dressed up and went out to celebrate what could turn into some Very Good News on the new book front (no, it does not involve Roswell) -- she checked out the preliminary edit and voted it a success.

We had an Olde City vacation, starting out at Tangerine (marvelous decor), then to Night Sky (which is NOT red on the inside!! The windows are red -- deceptive! And we finished up at Cuba Libre, which was our favorite of the three. It looks gorgeous on the inside. My mojito was lovely, but Trillian got something (on the advice of our waiter) that tasted like Bactine and gasoline. She only finished about two sips of it.

This morning I'm waiting for a call from a German magazine for an interview. Until then, I'm loading up on English Breakfast tea so I can twitch and bark through the whole interview.
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