December 4th, 2007

hard drive woes

remember i bought that mybook 2tb drive to backup my lacie 1.7? well, i backed up the lacie onto a mirrored 2tb mybook two weeks ago, and then yesterday, my lacie stopped working. when i turn it on i just hear a quiet "clicka clicka clicka clicka" -- sort of like a train might make -- i don't hear the drives spinning up, more like the arm is just shuffling back and forth. at worst i'll lose two weeks of data because i hadn't gotten the auto synch working, but does anybody have any experience with data recovery companies?

i will never buy another lacie -- this is my second one to fail in two years.

surround yourself with creative people and you will be surrounded by creative people

When Yags asked if he could have a party at Casa Del Milla, I said "sure," figuring it would just be a bunch of LARPers tearing the place apart and arguing about Star Trek. I had planned to hide in my room and watch Hill Street Blues all night. But it wasn't a party -- it was a serious reading and book signing.

Catherynne M. Valente came to host a reading from her new novel In The Cities of Coin and Spice published by Bantam Books. (Bantam Books people -- Dean Koontz, Danielle Steele, Sinclaire Lewis, Tom Robbins, Louis L'amour, that Bantam books.) She's written a whole boat load of things including the introduction to the new edition of Jane Eyre.

One other nifty thing, was that her previous book In the Night Gardenhad won the Tiptree award which, rather than being a medallion, or a certificate or even a trophy is a freaking crown -- which she was wearing. How stupifyingly cool is that? If I won an award that was a crown, I'd wear it to the freaking mall.

So moved by her books, Singer Songwriter S. J. Tucker wrote two albums inspired by two of her novels. S. J. was along for the reading, performing songs in between the readings.

And sometime during the course of the evening, Catherynne came up to me and said "Hi, I'm Catherynne and I read your blog, and I'd love to meet Roswell tonight."

Now how cool is THAT?

There was much joy and book signing. I was happy to have the crew crash at Casa Del Milla before they were off to New York to do it all over again.
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been getting a lot of these lately:

Google Web Alert for:

Their Home Referencement web gratuit google maroc Care2 : The Petition Site : Senior Citizens homes are for sale at, Trung Nguyen , power of her skirt was devilish ...

I'm noticing a lot of blogs on blogspot made up of collections of 10 or 12 word strings grabbed from everywhere -- reviews of Armed America among other things, but it's just page after page of "randomly" generated text.

methinks someone is about to take over the blogosphere with ten million zombie blogspot accounts....

you heard it here first.
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