December 18th, 2007

Used Books

So, I'm so freaking vain that last week I'm checking to see how my book is doing (#8,310, thank you very much) and I notice there's one for $5.00 in the used section. Really? Holy smokes. That's cheap. It's a pretty good book, I figure, so I buy it. Today it shows up with another book I bought from In the same box.

Which means ... is selling my book used. Okay, for a company with fingers in so many pies, that makes sense. But my thought was "the book only came out in August, who would sell it to a used bookstore already?" So I was interested to examine it. It does look like it's been read a few times, the cover's dinged and such.

My suspicion is this ... the book gets leafed through a lot in bookstores (I watched some guy at a Barns and Noble go through the whole thing, page by page, at least twice (he didn't buy it)), some of these copies get a little bent and mangled and, possibly sent back. My publisher re-sells these, in bulk with other titles of theirs suffering the same fate as "used" to places like amazon who then re-sell them. So while it may not technically be "used" it's probably been read 100 times. Sort of like pre-remaindering.

Or so I suspect anyway.

Here's Bash and Cisco.

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