January 7th, 2008


From Project MEOW

"Momcat3 was checked out by the vets and spayed today. She will be coming home (to Casa Del Milla) this evening. She had a pretty stressful time of it this morning. Not quite the same as being in her cozy room with the babes and foster dad. They figure she's about two, so there's a good chance junior is her older kid."

If I could keep any of this batch, it would be Momcat3. She really is a darling. But she needs a home.

*** EDIT *** momcat3 bit a vet. she now has to be quarrentined for 6 months.

score at the end of the first quarter:

Momcat3 -- 2
Humans -- 0
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zombie attack

"She nailed boards over the windows and counted her ammo."

Trillian always looks ravishing during a zombie attack.

Three Days of Rain at the players club was fantastic. I really recommend it. My synopsis:

"On the day they are to come into their inheritance, the two adult children of a world famous architect discover the truth behind family secrets in a hidden diary found in a house they never knew they owned."

Three actors portray the two children and the son of their father's business partner as well as their parents, 40 years before in a drama that takes place in a single new york apartment building. Marvelous performances, beautiful staging, incredibly witty dialog and a story line that drags you from secret to revelation. Highly recommended. We'll probably try and round up the troops maybe this weekend and go back.

One thing I throughly enjoyed is that Trillian was treated like a superstar there -- everybody was like "look! it's Trillian! from My Cousin Rachel! and Morning Becomes Electra! after the show we were rushed backstage to meet the cast. And I got to hang around in the back, the completely unknown boyfriend, while people piled accolades on her. Then we got a tour of the set, including a fantastic rain machine that rained water down in a very convincing downpour across the stage.

It was awesome!
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30 second doll

In the alley behind the TLA about 30 seconds before they went on. Having now photographed two bands in two weeks in the alley behind the venue, I'm thinking if you ever want to meet your favorite band, just hang out in the alley and wait for the inevitable photo shoot .....

amanda made this photo her myspace icon. woot.

Trillian ran lights for this one. Ain't she grand?
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