January 8th, 2008

mah book

There's a really nice review of my book at the Madison Public Library website. You can read it by clicking here. They called it "an enlightening and richly photographed volume".

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information society

ladies and gentlemen, it's Information Society. They just signed do Dancing Ferret, who have a wonderful way of capturing little precious things and making them really bloom. What a great label. (Cruxshadows anyone?) Insoc's new album, Synthisizer is, I think, better than any of their previous stuff. A little more industrial, but really EBM. Dave and I got to watch them soundcheck (for two hours) in the empty Trocadero -- it was like a wonderful private concert. Then we did three sets of photos. I bought some Hello Kitty stickers for my new camera. It was a wonderful day.

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    nicki jaine: simple star