January 17th, 2008

NYC photo salon

I can't even begin to say how awesome last night was. the place was packed, the response was really enthusiastic, I met some really amazing photographers (like the amazing Meghan Peterson who showed her work too, and also a lot of writers, including novelists carolynturgeon and tinkerbellecopter, and gaminette and a whole bunch of others.

I also met one of my idols, Gary Gladstone, author of the Americana travel photography classics "Passing Gas" and "Reaching Climax".

One thing that was super cool was the number of people who came up afterwards and said: "I'm a big fan of Momcat" or "I love Roswell" -- that was Most Awesome.

Afterwards we went out to some place called Bubbies or some such and met marvelous people there too. We missed our bus home so I got to sleep on the floor in Port Authority (or try to sleep rather, it was freezing and NYPD kept waking me up and asking to see my bus ticket). We didn't get home until 6:15 in the morning. Roswell was so happy to see me. She jumped into bed with me and I was asleep in an instant.