January 21st, 2008

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Every once in a while I remember that the website for my book has a weely "stats" report and, curious, I go have a look at how many zillions of people are looking at it every day (my journal extracts under "extras" are particularly popular) -- one of the things the stats page does is list search terms that people put into google or lycos, got a link to my page, and then actually visited my page. most of them are really obvious like "armed america" or "pictures of people with their guns" -- others leave me scratching my head thinking "how far down the page WAS my link?" and "wtf are people LOOKING for?!" my favorites:

3 carpet munch
2 yanks or americans gun crazy
2 vanessa hudgens nackt
1 traveling by car w/a cat
1 penthouse magazine.nl
1 a guy's nuts
1 garbage collection tricolore abstraction
1 wild west weapon pics
1 he panic
1 brittny
1 pbr guys opening the gate

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Woodbridge Virginia!

Hey folks,
Trillian and I are going to be in Woodbridge Virginia Friday night and Saturday night -- I'm photographing fire fighters Saturday (exciting!) anybody down that way with a guest-bedroom up for a quiet invasion? Let me know, we'll hammer out details and pay in Roswell photos.

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