February 6th, 2008

bad boys bad boys whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

so, milla and i are sitting on the sofa, watching a horror movie when i hear this commotion coming out of the right back channel speaker with amazingly realistic fidelity, it sounds like a fight, i can't make out any words, but there's a lot of shouting. then i realize, it's coming from the back yard. i hit "pause" on the DVD player and immediately i hear someone shout "WHERE'S THE FUCKING GUN?!"

oh dear.

i reach for the cord on the blinds and give it a yank and ... KABOOM! the whole thing falls down, revealing the big tableau all at once. out in my yard there are about ten police officers, flashing their lights around, then a helicopter shows up, lighting the place up like daylight. this goes on for about half an hour, with police climbing over fences, racing around the house, going up and down alley's, and always this billion watt helicopter light shining right down onto my house.

they seemed pretty intent on one spot so my guess was they were chasing someone who ditched his gat. eventually the police left and the chopper started on in ever-widening circles. hope they got their guy, as i'm not too thrilled about the idea of him being under my porch....

over the past 13 years i've been home twice when the police arrested someone in my yard which makes me wonder how often it happens when i'm not around ....

the day after the first time the cops arrested someone in my yard i found a jacket under my porch. i called 911 and said "i think the guy you arrested left a jacket under my porch." "what was in the pockets?" asked the detective they connected me to ... "holy smokes! i didn't touch it! i thought you'd want to dust it for finger prints or something." "no, can you look through the pockets though?" ... so i look through the pockets. just a lighter. they said they were looking for a wallet or wallets that didn't belong to him. "do you want the jacket?" i asked. "no," they said, "you can keep it."

i didn't want to keep a mugger's jacket, in case he came looking for it. so i put it back under the porch.

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