February 16th, 2008

dispatch from tuxedo junction

Roswell met Momcat3 and Shortbus yesterday. It was like she was walking into a mirror. They all touched noses and were instant friends. I think they look upon her great girth as inspirational. They all played in the front three rooms for the past two days. Milla, well, Milla's Milla. She doesn't want any disruption. Especially not kittens playing.

Then I took a bubble bath with some of the fine products Trillian got me for Valentines day. Roswell, who still holds the title Princess of the Upstairs Bathroom sat on the edge of the tub with her arms in the bubbles up to the shoulders, waving her feet around, certain that there was something good in there.

I tell you, it's sort of like being in a giant bowl of Rice Crispies. All those bubbles make a great cacophony.

So, the news from Casa Del Milla is all good. Hope you're having a swell weekend.
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