February 21st, 2008

there's a moon in the sky!

The clouds lifted right before the eclipse started. I went outside in the dust of snow crunching under my feet and set up my 300mm on the d300. The sky was crystal clear. I took a few photos and then went to meet Trillian on her way back from rehearsal. All along the street our neighbors were standing on their porches and sidewalks, looking up, pointing and smiling. How much this place has changed in the last 13 years -- but it still has it's problems -- helicopters hovered overhead about 10 blocks west, shining their lights down onto the ground, in apparent pursuit of some bad guy -- Phil and I heard gunfire last week. But it's not the wreck of a neighborhood I moved into. People often pick up their trash these days, and put it out on trash day.

Trill and I stood in the back yard for a while. She shivered and put her hands into my coat pockets and wrapped her scarf around me, keeping me close. We took turns watching up through binoculars and for a moment, it felt as though I was hanging in the silent sky and I could see the huge umbrella of Earth's shadow, sweeping out into space.

Link to big wallpaper size version

Then we went inside and played pinball.

(Oh, and Shortbus is a girl!)

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Sweet barking cheese! I've done like forty radio interviews in the past three months and nobody says "I heard you on the radio for half an hour yesterday, you sounded great!" -- but Melissa Block says Sweet barking cheese? I've never heard that before! and my phone rings off the hook. Yes. That was me. I hope I haven't squandered my fifteen seconds of fame on NPR.
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