February 25th, 2008

the odyssey

Trillian's current play, Homer's Odyssey, is performed in what could, by stretches, call an "abandoned church", a "forgotten church", or perhaps a "retasked church" -- it's the permanent home of Curio Theater -- an awesome space very well suited for this production. The set dressing is wonderful. The play was awesome. I'm so super proud. After the opening we went to the "meet the cast" party where Trill was swamped by sycophants and fans and I hung out at the buffet table eavesdropping onto the conversations of people saying how great she was. The play runs for three more weeks. If you're near philly and want to see it, drop me a line.

Sometimes arriving late and getting a bad seat is really a good seat in a place like this.

Trillian plays Helen, Penelope, Calliope and a couple of others. She has a lot of lines.

Sunday we went to see "Space Station" at the Franklin Institute's IMAX theater -- it was wonderful and amazing. Four stories of space, surrounding you, like you're ... well, hanging in space. Earth spinning lazily below you with no visible means of support. Then we had lunch at the Belgian Cafe which was really good. I shot a roll of film with the HASSELblad (it's B&w which I've had sitting in the fridge, according to the date on the film, for ten years) the sad part of which is that it's going to take a week before y'alls can see it because it has to get DEVELOPED and then SCANNED. then i jammed another roll trying to take photos, which ended the days photographic activities. at least until i got home and unjammed it in the dark. saw babyraven downtown.

I had an interview in the evening and worked on an article for Videomaker which involved watching JAWS and T3. And I got to write with my Delta. (Whee) It's not a bad job, all in all.

Momcat1 is currently trying to tunnel through to China by digging in the litterbox like there's gold buried there.
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