February 26th, 2008

the next morning: breakfast with roswell

roswell and i revived the croquettes for breakfast. this time with a lite tomato sauce with shoestringed zucchini. quite good! we were going to put roasted red peppers on them, but when all was said and done, the thought of getting the broiler going at 5:30 in the morning to roast one red pepper seemed a bit out of hand. though i think they'd be a lovely addition. were i doing that from the beginning, i'd leave out the nori and put in maybe some potato cubes or chopped (raw) green peppers ...

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Philadelphia Sketch Club Leap Day Party

The Philadelphia Sketch Club, America's oldest arts organization, is having a sort of New Membership drive this leap day -- artists, painters, sculptors and photographers, are invited to come down, check out the amazing space, and join. I'm not a member, but I'll probably join Friday. They've invited me to speak there twice and I love the atmosphere there (they have a pool table too). The place could use a little shaking up -- and the idea of a members-only club for artists tickles my inner elitist.

The Sketch Club is at 235 South Camac (Between Locust and Spruce and 12th and 13th.)

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be still!

my Amazon sales ranking plummeted to 100,000 this morning. Sweet Barking Cheese! Is the party over? I wondered. But by this evening it had gone back up to 16,000.

I wonder if Danielle Steele gets her sales ranking mailed to her twice a day....
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