March 8th, 2008


Vitalij's new album is called Twelve Months, it's 12 classical piano pieces inspired by each month of the year. He came down today and I was hoping to do something in fairmount park but it was pouring rain. Like seriously pouring. So we settled for Ye Local Gas Station. Then we sat around on the sofa and listened to his new record, which he narrated like this:

"Is F sharp, is kind of cold feeling, like winter -- for December -- those Russians understand something, always in F sharp and G minor, but now, this is sort of like Rachmaninoff, now listen! Left hand! A theme! A prime theme! Back to A theme -- now, right hand, new melody! At the same time! This is melody of winter! Rachmaninoff always has multiple melodies -- each hand ... Now listen! -- KILLAR SHREDDIGN!!! all notes!!! but delicate! Is frozen!!! WE MUST HAVE GRAPPA!!! WHERE IS BOTTLE?!!!"

I photograph so many people each year -- it's a rare few that you become friends with. VK's one of my favorite rock stars. Srsly.

It was like the most freaking awesome day.
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