March 13th, 2008


i can has joshua tree?

i'm back. my plane left california at ten p.m., connected in las vegas at midnight, and landed at ... gosh 7 or 8 in the morning. the plane was completely packed. i was sitting in a middle between an overweight woman who squeezed onto my seat and a snoring man and in front of a crying baby. i was so beat. i got home, took a shower, and fell asleep on the living room floor while thinking about unpacking. i woke up and tatty and roswell were sleeping on my back.

i woke up long enough to make a special lunch for the famous actress trillian stars (who's current play closes saturday, so you'd better go see it between now and then if you haven't already).

i had a great time in the mojave and colorado deserts. but it's good to be back.

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win a date to the symphony with kyle!

i have an extra SECOND ROW ticket to tonight's performance of Gustav Holst's The Planets by the Philadelphia Orchestra. Trillian Stars is starring in The Odyssey tonight so she cannot attend.

Who's going with me? Show's at 8:00.
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