March 14th, 2008

Going Viral Today Are We? and both picked up a blog post on funtasticus about Armed America and it's in the top 10 on both of those. Last time the blogosphere went crazy about this, my book wasn't out and I always thought we'd missed out. Who knows, we might get a second chance on the ride.

Of course, feel free to blog about the funtasticus blog or the lj blog post :-)

All any artist can hope for is that their work gets seen by people who'd like to see it. I've been very lucky, not just in this, but in everything. It's been a good life.

*** EDIT ****

* Scalzi's blog picked it up too
* Cynical blog picked it up
* Josh Kamler's Tiny Gigantic picked it up.
* Al Power picked it up. and says that "you can immediately see the photographer was aiming to shock viewers by portraying gun owners as nut-jobs" -- which I sadly take exception to.
* Sinnick on LJ picked it up
* Johnsenclan picked it up.</a>
* Trader Eyal picked it up.
* Toby Central
* g-lide on livejournal picked it up (in Russian)
* picked it up (also in Russian)
* Pieterb's blog picked it up
* Blogsdon calls it "some really great portraits"

* Angry Indian picked it up.

*** EDIT ***
My sales ranking just jumped from 50,000 to 7,907

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