March 15th, 2008

i am dr. symphony this week

So Thursday night I went to the symphony -- unable to find someone to go with on short notice, I gave my extra ticket to someone in line to buy one (who never showed up -- go figure). I was wrong, my seats weren't in the second row, they were in the first row right in the middle of the cello sction -- during Jupiter shredded bow strings were literally falling into my lap. It was so awesome. I was so close that i could hear the strings slapping against the neck of the cello when the players put their fingers down and the click of the oboe keys. Mars freaking kicks ass, I felt like standing up and throwing the goat when they played it.

Then Friday Vitalij hooked me up with another set of front row seats to his performance with Piano4 at the sold-out first night of the Bach festival -- that was awesome too. They played Concerto for 1 piano in D minor, Concerto for 2 Pianos in C minor, Concerto for 3 Pianos in C minor and Concerto for 4 pianos in A minor with Toccata & Fuge on four pianos for the first encore. They got a standing ovation and three encores, I'm not sure what the other two encores were.

After that I went to the after party and got to meet Maestro Jonathan Sternberg, and a famous Iraqi piano tuner named Alexander (you meet the most interesting people at after parties -- his father was an actor who translated Shakespeare into Aramaic) and then Trillian came by after her show and Vitalij and some of Piano4 and the way cool piano tuner went out to Pod and had a super swell time.

Tonight is the closing of Trill's play, so I'm going to go to that. She doesn't know it, but I'm going to take her out and buy her a dress right now.
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