March 28th, 2008

momcat update

occasionally someone will stop me on the street or a bus and say "how's momcat?" -- i don't really post much about her because nothing's really changed.

i'd been thinking "someday there will be a monumental post where i'll say I touched Momcat! and the whole world would be different, (like there was with momcat2 and momcat3). the truth is i've actually touched her two or three times now, when i do, she just gets up and moves away. she used to genuinely hate me, i think she's just annoyed by me now if i get close and indifferent to me the rest of the time.

her fur has gotten really matted to the point where, to the casual observer, it appears her hind half is armored or she perhaps has nickel sizedscales all over her rump and sides. wherever she sleeps she leaves clumps of ragged hair that looks a lot like someone threw a huge ball of wet dryer lint into a fan.

she's still my baby. she just doesn't know it yet.

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