April 3rd, 2008

yes i come from the land down under....

Australia's largest fashion magazine Marie Claire has a "major four page feature" (their words) on my book Armed America in the May issue that went on sale today. I hope all you who live in the Sunburnt Country will pick up a copy of the magazine (to go along with your copy of my book, which I know you already have).

Amelia Magazine in Sweden did a HUGE 7 page article on it with full page photo goodness. Hopefully the members of Kent are looking at it right now thinking "This bloke should photograph our next album cover!"

Milla just stuck her giant fluffy tail in my tea.
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i can has best seller?

as of midnight 6213 people have downloaded "empty places: at the fringes of the mojave desert" -- where are all you people coming from? sweet barking cheese.

i'm looking to have both of the mojave things made into a book, maybe by the end of the month.
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