April 21st, 2008

ah monday!

trillian_stars is out at an audition today. Roswell and I are "cleaning" the house. Which for the past six hours has involved me pulling old VHS tapes out of a closet, Roswell jumping in the closet and laying down on piles of old tapes, me throwing most of the tapes in a garbage bag ("Gore/Cheney" debate, gone, nine tapes marked "X-Files, Simpsons, Millenium", Gone) but then occasionally saying "Hey Roswell! Look! Let's watch Jurassic Park III, then we can watch Horror of Dracula!. I fear that when Trillian comes back, there's just going to be a huge mess with me and Roswell laying on it in a horror movie induced stupor with empty food wrappers all over the floor, Star Wars action figures lined up in epic battles across the coffintable and whatever effluvium we're yet to discover in this closet picked clean of "stuff we should play with now". She'll be like "I thought you were cleaning the house?" and I'll try and work the "But we cleaned it with love!" line I've been practicing.

I'll let you know how that works.

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    horror of dracula on VHS