April 22nd, 2008


reason #451 why trillian is teh shiznit

trill kicked butt at her audition last night, she'll hear today probably if she gets a callback. if she gets that part, it's good, but if she doesn't, that's good too. it's a good play with many advantages, but it's in the freaking hinterlands. to get there you have to take a train to devil's gulch and then cross that in a blimp because the bridges are out, and then you need to take a dog sled over the mountains, which are guarded by trolls and possibly a balrog -- you get the idea. it would mean that i wouldn't see very much of her during rehersal time. so, either way, i'll be happy.

sunday night trillian made me watch a john wayne movie, the shootist, which was very good (with the exception of ron howard; i think it might have been better to cast a cigar store indian in his role). every time i'd talk trill would say "shut up, we're watching john wayne!"

now, ladies and gentlemen, that is cool.

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