April 23rd, 2008

book proposals...

... in the last 21 days, more than 20,000 people have downloaded my travel diary. (wtf?!*) If 1/4 of those people would actually buy something like that I could have an okay selling photography book with zero advertising. All this prompted me to put together a book proposal and look for possible publishers for a photo / essay book about the American deserts.

The idea of actually working on a landscape book hadn't ever come to my mind, but upon looking back at the diary, I think it's well written and the photos show promise. It's something that I'd like the opportunity to dedicate a lot of time to.

So, this mock-up and a proposal will be winging their way to the desk of an editor at a splendid publishing company very soon.

Because I'm such an optimist, I booked a flight to Phoenix next month.

* the only thing that more people have forwarded around than the link to my travel diary is that picture of the stuffed tofu, what's with that? you people are freaks.
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