April 27th, 2008

cooking with roswell

Sauteed mushrooms and toast. Roswell found it to be a delightful breakfast invention. trillian_stars agreed. i put about six cloves of garlic in it which at first made me leap about barking "too much garlic! too much garlic!" but after a few bites i settled down, realizing that there is no such thing. (what if i hollowed out a baguette and stuffed it with the mushrooms and then toasted it?!) then we watched this awesome indy-feminist werewolf movie called "The Curse" which was witty and clever and shot on no budget.

we went to the opening of "What the Butler Saw" on friday, trill will probably post some photos from that. today we're going to the closing night party at The Sketch Club, which is the country's oldest art club, located in a beautiful old building in the center of the city.

then Jerry and Deva are stopping over and we're going to have a double feature of Dog Soldiers and the Descent -- I'm very excited.

Here's Trillian and Roswell enjoying breakfast.

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I had a weird dream last night that i'd given Roswell to donnaricci. I was back stage at some fashion show in California, surrounded by weights and backdrops and pulley's. I saw Donna walk past and I said "Can I see Roswell, is she here?" -- "She's upstairs," Donna said. I went up a long flight of stairs and found Roswell playing in a room by herself. She was a kitten again. "Roswell," I said to her, "what have I done?"

Then I woke up and Ros was at the foot of my bed. She followed me downstairs and we made breakfast.

what a happy day.

Sorry Donna. No Roswell for you.
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