May 16th, 2008


the friendly skies

I'm in george bush international airport in houston waiting for a flight to phoenix and a rendevous with the beautiful sonoran desert. on the plane from philly I wrote an article for marie clairr, hong kong, only to get an email when I landed saying i'd missed the deadline.

there's a really large and really irate woman sitting across feom me who is providing regional entertainment to gate 43, shouting into her cell phone "JOSH IS GOING TO HAVE TO GET ON HIS @)!;@!!@ KNEES AND BEG #!@;!;?,!) FORGIVENESS!! HE IS GOING TO LAY ON THE OFFICE FLOOR AND WE ARE ALL GOING TO TAKE A @!#?$;@ @$#,?;@ ON HIM! IT'S THAT @$!#?!'@'RS FAULT WE GOT THE 1.2 RATING AND THAT #$()@",?ER IF GOUNG TO $(!#?!@ing BURN!!!"

she seems completely oblivious that everyone is canted about 20 degrees in her direction.

things went great in boston. it'll be months before you see photos. but when you do, they'll be good.