May 20th, 2008

disaster averted

So, on the plane back from Houston the pilot comes on about 30 minutes into the flight and says there's a problem and we need to turn around. The fuel gauge on the left wing showed that the tank was emptying a lot faster than it should be so we turned around, I familarized myself with the nearest exit and planned my route to it over the heads of my slower fellow-passengers for when we crash-landed on I-10. The woman in front of me became so worried that she loudly demonstrated the air sickness bag. One of the passengers, who I'd already pegged for a jerk while we were at the gate based on his loud and arrogant behavior started berating one of the flight attendants and demanding to see the pilot. I started to wonder what it would be like when the plane disassembled in mid-air and i was hurtling to the ground strapped to my row of seats -- i figured i'd try and cheer everybody up on our long plummet to the earth and i started thinking of jokes to tell. after all, the wings snapping off and the fusalage breaking in half was much more likely than a crash landing on the highway. but wait -- what if we crashed in the desert, like Flight of the Phoenix? I started trying to hoard water in my carry on.

Well, eventually we made it back to houston where some guys stuck a stick in the gas tank on the wing of the plane and determined that it was full up to the top and the problem was a stuck gauge, so they replaced the gauge and i made it home late last night.

and here's glen canyon dam outside of lake powell!

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