June 6th, 2008

sweet barking cheese!

what rock have i been living under? Cristina Scabbia singing with Megadeth?

and why do i have no Lacuna Coil albums? Which one should I get?

meanwhile, trillian stars fights evil in the vacant lot

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    megadeth & christina scaba: toute le monde

smashie can't walk, but she can purr....

I have a confession to make. I never wanted a cat. I didn't. I wanted to sit home, write books, watch t.v. and not have to clean cat hair off the sofa, empty litter boxes, and shoo things out of my sock drawer every day. But when a kitten with a broken leg shows up at your back door -- what choice do you have? Aparantly the choice of most people is "close the door". Luckily, City Kitties is there, doing what most of us can't. They have a new keh-ten with broken legs who'd been laying, paralyzed, in North Philly for days before citykitties rescued her.

Smashie's getting $50 from the "1ear memorial fund for Keh-tens who are missing things". If you want to help the forces of good, you can paypal to info@citykitties.org for Smashie's medical bills.

reposted from citykitties

Smashie was abandoned in the street in North Philly, unable to move her back legs. A concerned passerby asked for help. When City Kitties got to the scene yesterday afternoon, she had been there for days, somehow surviving on a nearby plate of kibble. Smashie had been out in the rain and the heat, exposed to dogs, kids, and other dangers. At some point she crawled behind a tall rusty fence for protection. She lay there on the concrete, so exhausted and dehydrated she could barely move. Who knows how many people walked by her and didn't bother to call animal control or the police for help. Thanks to a kind auto store employee with a tall ladder, I was able to climb over the fence to get her. Smashie must have been in horrible pain, but as I lifted her into the carrier, she purred. In the car on the way to the vet, Smashie purred some more and kneaded her blanket. She rubbed her face against the side of the carrier, so happy to be in a safe, comfortable place. Less than an hour after arriving at the vet, she was in a deep, exhausted sleep, curled up in a happy ball in her cage. We still don't know exactly what's wrong with Smashie. She was probably hit by a car (thus the unfortunately descriptive name), and we're hoping x-rays will confirm a break in her right hind leg so treatment will be as straightforward as possible. At least she has a chance at a better life.
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