June 8th, 2008



it was very hot out yesterday. Those of you who live in Texas will say "89 is not hot" -- and you won't understand, because you don't have 90% humidity. The sweat just bubbled out of our skin -- and stayed there. It looks like you've been oiled. Nothing evaporates. So, at noon on this miserable day, I photographed celebrity chefs in a park, right in the middle of the baking sun. And I was laying in the dirt to do it. My glasses got so covered in sweat that I couldn't see out of them. I just had to assume that the camera was auto-focusing. The chefs were all duded up in their long sleeve jackets. It was cruel and inhuman. I wanted to spend half an hour on it but as they gasped and perspired, and soaked their clothes I mercifully let them go after 15 minutes, I thought they might not all make it out of the park. trillian_stars poured water over me to wash the sweat and dirt off but it just seemed to be the foul that would not leave. After we'd all gone our seperate ways I realized I should have been grilling them all (haha) about sauces, which is something I need to work on. Such is life. One of them promised to hook us up at his restaurant, which was very nice.

The show at the newman gallery went really nicely. it was packed with a couple hundred people. trillian_stars and I met some very cool people & nice artists and had a super swell time. I ran into an old friend from high school who I totally was never expecting to see again as long as I lived and there was a joyous reunion in which we talked about why Helvetica is better than Arial but how Frutiger seems to be the san-serif of the day (if you discount the firestorm of praise around Gotham at the moment) and after about 10 minutes of this trillian_stars said "I really honestly thought you were the only person on earth who was obsessive about fonts." I got all excited and mentioned that I'd written a fan letter to Oga Chavez, the typographer who designed Engravers Gothic for ParaType (got nothing back), to which my friend burst out with joy that a certain bank had chosen that font as their logotype.... Anyway.....

Bill Guarnere's photo looked great on the wall at 20x30--then trillian_stars reminded me that it was D-Day and it seemed even better.

We went to Abysinnia and had the awesome bean soup which I cannot live without, watched the last part of "To the Ends of the World" -- which was okay....

Trill woke up sick as a dog this morning. Occasionally, she'll roll over and make a gasping sound and I'll say "would you like me to make you some breakfast?" to which she'll make a horrified face, gasp "Breakfast?! How can you be so cruel?!", barf, and faint off into unconsciousness.

So I'm just sitting here writing book proposals.
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club xix

club xix, high atop the bellvue stratford, is one of our favorite places to go. famous as the hotel that spawned legionaries disease, it has a great view of the city. when we're down town we usually stop by. here trillian_stars is pointing out the kimmel center, home of the philadelphia orchestra -- it's hard to spot otherwise.

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