June 17th, 2008

get out of the house, go see a play.

Friday night trillian_stars and I went to see W;t at the Addrianne Theater -- good god, it was like having my soul dry cleaned. Really, it was the most intense, amazing experience I've had in a theater in a long time -- years -- some of the most amazing performances, especially from Susan Giddings, who played the lead. I wanted to sell my house and give her bags of cash.

The play, for those of you like me who had heard nothing about it before, is about an english professor dying of ovarian cancer -- the whole thing takes place in a hospital during the final 8 weeks of her life and ... it's like you're there, invisible, peering into someone's desperate hours -- a fly on the wall. But what makes it really remarkable is that the protagonist, Vivian Bearing, Ph.D. is not simply desperate -- she's eloquent and witty, and funny and charming and wonderful and every word from her mouth is one you wish you'd thought to use and you love her and you believe in her and you want desperately for her, but you know that she is doomed.

In any event, after the curtain falls, the audience leaps to their feet, thunderous applause, tears streaming down everybody's face, you're just aching to give this woman props for an amazing performance. After long minutes, the noise dies down, the curtain closes, we dry our eyes and hope that somehow we can continue with our lives after having witnessed this. trillian_stars runs off to the bathrooom, and I'm standing around waiting, and holy smokes! what should happen? but Susan Giddings comes out! she had friends in the audience! she starts speaking to them! here's my chance! I rush over, I say something like "Oh gosh, oh gosh! oh gosh! oh gosh! shoes! oh gosh! pudding! oh gosh!" and she looks at me like I'm a toddler shoveling oatmeal into the VCR but shakes my hand decorously while I jabber and make no sense like the star struck fool that I am. And look! Here comes trillian_stars! She sees me talking to Susan Giddings!!!!!!!!! My worth has increased!!!!!!! Her love for me must grow! She is probably GREEN WITH JEALOUSY!!!! But wait! Susan Giddings looks over! She sees Trillian coming down the isle and what does she do???

She yells across the room: "trillian_stars! My best girl! My darling favorite actress!"

I freaking kid you not.

They embrace. Susan Giddings gushes over Trillian. I quickly receed into the background as the jabbering lunatic who couldn't say anything comprehensible. Susan says: "So! Trillian! Let's go have a drink!"

And thus I am reduced to the whimpering simpleton I am.

And here's a swamp.

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