June 27th, 2008

trillian's new play

Trillian's most recent play Great Slave Lake closes this weekend. If you're around and want to go up on Saturday night, let me know. It's a 1 act that she's doing for fun which is why there hasn't been a lot of publicty but it's a weird, kooky, and fun tale of two old ladies mouring the loss of their husbands and brothers who may or may not have vanished in a strange incident at Great Slave Lake that may or may not have involved a monster living under the water and may or may not have involved wolves. Throughout the women are baffled and prodded by a mysterios (and hot) blind girl who shows up looking for one of the missing men, with a fearful secret....

Play starts at 8:00, it's in Swarthmore, followed by two more 1 acts. Then we're probably going to go out for a bit in Swarthmore with the cast but then come back to Philly and go out somewhere in the hood, since a lot of people seem to be from around here. Let me know if you're in. For those of you who were waiting to hear back, James Cameron can't make it Saturday.

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We went to Pod where every day is the future.

if you don't eat the mint this time of year, it will end up eating you.

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