June 30th, 2008

If you need me, me & Neil will be hanging out with the Dream King ... Neil says "Hi" by the way.

I'm working on a book with Neil Gaiman

I wasn't sure how much of this was a secret, so I haven't said anything. But Neil mentioned it on his blog, so I suppose the cat's out of the bag. Neil Gaiman's writing the liner notes for the new Amanda Palmer solo album which I shot the cover for in March.

Accompanying the album will be a book, written by Neil, which is slated to have a lot of my photos in it and which, at the current time, I'm also slated to lay out and design. So ... there you have it. My next book, so to speak. Start saving your pennies.

The album cover was posted two days ago:

BD Colen's photo of me and Amanda during the shoot.

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