July 3rd, 2008


So trillian_stars and I were sitting home tonight watching the cats hock up hair balls on the new furniture when I said:

"Trillian, darling, I feel that we are only 80% as glamourous tonight as we should be. And tomorrow is Vitalij Kuprij's wedding, which we cannot attend unless we are 100% glamourous."

"You know my dearest," she replied, "I do believe you are correct. We should go shopping. Because buying things not only stimulates the dismal economy, but it makes us better people and more popular, clears up acne and is an excellent cure for tapeworms."

So we awayed to our favorite clothing store, the very posh and exclusive "La Deuxieme Mille" on 45th street. I purchased a three button suit, including a shirt with french cuffs, and a necktie that ties with a knot the size of a mango, and trillian_stars bought a new ball gown.

When we got home, we discovered that we had indeed acquired the entirety of the missing 20% glamour.

(more in trillian_stars's lj now or soon, i'm sure.)
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