July 16th, 2008

ciao baby!

Coming back from Boston last Thursday I left my camera on the train. I figured someone would turn it in but they didn't. So I'm all retro with my d200 now. The good news is that I'd copied all the photos off of the CF card so my loss was entirely replaceable. The other good news is that my insurance will probably cover all but $1,000 of it. The really good news is the photos we did were really fantastic and I'm excited about them. I think I may need to work on my karma a bit though.

If you start seeing amazing photos of Amanda Palmer in a beehive and pink prom dress popping up on flickr, or a d300 on ebay with Hello Kitty stickers all over it ... give me a shout.

Ciao baby! We had a great time together & I'll miss you. Have fun with your new person.
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the plot thickens!

My insurance company just called to say that my camera equipment isn't covered. I said "I have a letter from my insurance agent right here in my little hands that says Kyle, as per our discussion, I want to assure you that your photographic equipment is covered by this policy." So the agent's talking to the company now.....

*** Edit *** They called back and they're going to cover it, but with depreciation. Something's better than nothing.