July 27th, 2008

lions and tigers and bears

On Saturday trillian_stars and I made a picnic lunch and rode our bikes up to the zoo.

we found these odd, interesting weird, amazing things called "ufo peaches" which are sweet, but crunchier than a regular peach.

For some reason the zoo was pretty dead and we spent most of the afternoon laying on the grass talking.

We stopped by a yard sale where I picked up some treasures from a little girl with great taste. Three Madeline L'engle books, a copy of the Trumpet of the Swans, and a VHS copy of Willie Wonka (the real one).

Today I rode around in the pouring rain trying to find a place to photograph lightning hitting the steeple of a nearby building but the rain was coming almost at right angles and i couldn't find anywhere to stand where the camera lens wasn't immediately covered in rain, but it's fun riding your bike in a downpour, especially knowing that you only have a few blocks and you can be home and dry whenever you want. And there's something glorious about struggling out of soaking wet clothes and getting into a hot shower. It's about the most content a person can feel, I think.

Last night trillian_stars and I watched an awesome movie called Cash Back about an insomniac supermarket clerk who can stop time. It's a clever, witty, and beautiful movie in the vein of Garden State but with copious nudity and english accents. I felt like applauding. Srsly.

Tonight yagathai is making us dinner. I'm reading a science fiction adventure novel that promises to be excellent but that I fear will begin to suck heavily in the next 40 pages.

We had a really mind-blowing friday night filled with talented geniuses where I kept writing down things that people said on napkins. But I'll leave that for another post.

(oh and i forgot to mention that a couple weeks ago trillian and were in a vegan restaurant and Harry and the Potters were sitting at the table next to us.)
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