August 4th, 2008

back ... home ... again

I'm back in Philly. It was a weird and wonderful trip. I didn't think I was going to be in Boston that long, but I ended up wearing the same socks for four days and taking a shower in public while a 12 piece orchestra ignored me. We worked into the wee hours of the morning every day.

At about 3:00 a.m. on the day that I left (it's frightening to see that your alarm clock is set for three hours from the current time) I was sitting with Neil in his apartment going over photos from that day and Amanda walked in (in her underwear) with a ukelele and started singing Creep by Radiohead. I always hesitate to say "surreal" because people seem to default to saying "surreal" when they mean anything odd and their vocabulary is taxed -- maybe it was hyperreal -- the oddness of the whole thing just seemed right and wonderful. When she finished the song I felt taller, and larger, and more alive because it was seemed just like the world ought to be.

I dragged Amanda and Neil into a doorway and set up a light and took about 40 photos of them. (Amanda with the ukelele in her underwear, Neil in his ... uniform -- black shirt, black pants). I asked her to be "very metal", so she jumped up and down, singing something that I forget now, shaking her hair around and it looks like a freaking Rolling Stone cover -- Amanda still had a fake bullet hole stuck on the side of her head from a shoot hours before. I wish I'd put a small strobe on Neil with a snoot but I was able to bring his face up enough in Photoshop later. Anyway. I said I was off to bed, we all said goodbye, Neil signed one of my Sandman comics, I signed my book for him, I walked up the stairs to the Cloud Club -- Amanda was standing on her doorway serenading me with the ukelele, up and up and up around the staircase to my nest ... Beth was asleep on the floor on a pile of blankets. I laid down and was asleep instantly. The next morning I went home, trillian_stars was there to greet me, we went to see "As You Like It" at the Shakespeare festival, had dinner with friends and life was back to abnormal.

I wasn't going to post any more of these, but Neil posted this one in his blog and I wanted to fix it up a bit, lest everyone think my photos were all slightly blurry with the wrong white balance (in truth it's just most of them that are like that, but I try and only let people see the good ones).

Amanda and Neil in a lovely kitchen in Brookline taken because someone had complained to Neil about the photo of them on the roof as being "unwholesome".
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