August 6th, 2008

by way of introduction....

Last night trillian_stars and I watched The Jane Austen Book Club which I liked very much. We talked a bit about a play I'm writing and how I should finish it and possible ways to stage it. Then we played pinball and Trillian went through the stack of 78's looking for gold and we danced the night away listening to Rudy Vallee on the Victrola.

This should make some of you happy. Trillian and I have begun, albeit slowly, to write down what we're cooking and to start trying to fix some of the recipes that don't quite work for whatever reason. An actual Cooking With Roswell book is still far off in the distance, but it's closer to being a reality.

For those of you who just arrived -- Roswell showed up on the back porch on July 21st, 2006, that takes you back to her first blog entry and probably a good place to start reading. She was scruffy and had a terrible eye infection. I brought her in and started trying to find her a home. A week or so later, she had a horrible seizure and I raced her to the vet hospital where she was diagnosed with a brain infection and given a slim chance of surviving. She was in the ICU for a week and I went to visit her every day. Finally, she pulled through and I brought her home. It was then I realized that she was staying. After she got back she became very clingly, she'd follow me everywhere, like a dog, especially when I was cooking. I'd been working kind of half-assedly on a cookbook called "The 25 Ingredient Pantry" and Roswell stuck to me like glue while I was cooking, ending up in a lot of the photos. Eventually I realized "Cooking with Roswell" was cooler than "The 25 Ingredient Pantry". But it's still one of those projects that you'll finish when they add an extra month to the year.
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your back catalog will catch up with you

Since we were just talking about plays that I was writing for her, trillian_stars just forwarded me this email I'd sent her a year ago (from my phone it would seem, and probably from a bar):

From: Kyle Cassidy
To: Trillain Stars
Sent: Wednesday, September 12, 2007 9:40:59 PM
Subject: Notes for a play I'm writing for you.

Important notes;

In antarctic weather, penguins murder superheroes.

Foul mouthed warlord (of ice kingdom) brings nu rules to combat (snowmen)

Gerry (ice king) mexican standoff with nude amazons (groping)

Power of rollerblades not understood by greek gods -- hercules; disco king ----demands strippers.

Metal sharks (from space) get voted off island (earth)

Goldfish--have no power.

Thattt concludes play. Trillian to play lead, gerry interrogates.
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