August 9th, 2008

All the world's a stage

It was a week of theater around here. trillian_stars and I went to see "As You Like It" as part of Shakespeare in Clark Park...

Orlando wrestles his cowardly bully of a brother, Oliver de Boys in the opening scene of the play.

Rosalind and Celia with Touchstone. Banished by the evil duke, they take to live in the woods, like Robin Hood. Touchstone is one of those roles that if done properly, can be magic, like Puck, and I've always wanted to have a go at it.

It was a perfect night in Clark Park, lovely weather, hundreds of people spread out on blankets, we were sitting right in the front row, and along came JR Blackwell and her fiance Jared. We'd never met before, but I knew she lived in the area and that she'd written the Introduction to Katie West's book and she's hard to miss. (She'd once yelled out the window of a car at me "Hey! Kyle Cassidy!" -- later she told me that when I turned around she knew I must live in the area too.)

After the play we went over to their house and talked about books and photography and stuff and had a loovely time.

One of the highlights of the week though was seeing Cyrano de Bergerac as part of the Pennsylvania Shakespeare festival on the main stage at De Sales. It was nearly two hours away but well worth it. The stage is beautiful and the staging was OPULANT, characters charged up and down through the isles out on balconies, sword fights -- ah the sword fights!!! people swinging from chandeliers jumping atop carriages, spears! banners waving! epic battles! charges! retreats! counter attacks! explosions! gun fire! I kid you not. There were at times 30 people on stage at once swinging swords in a mass of beautiful choreographed chaos. It starred Greg Wood as Cyrano and he did a stupendous job, absolutely marvelous. I cried like a baby. But I also shouted and cheered and laughed and applauded -- it was moving.

After the play we waited out front to congratulate the actors before they're whisked off to there hotels and parties in diamond encrusted Hummer limo's, and when Greg Wood finally came out, I said "OMG! shoes! pudding! I cried like a baby!" and pumped his hand like I'm expecting to get water out of him and Trillian, of course says "Hi Greg, I was in Street Car Named Desire with your mother two years ago at the Somewickspalrthbyan theater in Spoodlesblan. And he says "Of course! trillian_stars, I'd know you anywhere!".

And that's that.
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