August 12th, 2008

ego? ego? where's the ego?

So, last night freaking Ego Likeness came up to PA to work on photos for their new album. It was a stupendously swell night. I told them I'd once seen them in a dinky club in Philly about ... six years ago. I remembered a song they said they'd only played ONCE, which I think impressed them.

They were happy and excited to meet Roswell.

we went off and did stupendous stuff.

This is not the stupendous stuff, you have to wait till October for the stupendous stuff.

(Those sneaky kids in Ego Likeness were stalking me and trillian_stars like paparazzi....)

After the photo shoot we went out to dinner and were sitting at the table looking at the shots on a laptop when our most excellently lovely server stopped over and said to me "I wanted to tell you, I've always loved your photos." And I'm like In your FACE rock stars! Who gets recognized! Okay, I didn't say it, but I thought it and it was a wonderful exclamation point on a wonderful evening.

On the way over to dinner actually, we'd been talking about people recognizing you and how nice it is when you're at the mall and someone says "I love your album", "you were fantastic in that play" or "I read your book". It's always good to know that someone's paying attention. And earlier in the day someone had sent me a wonderful letter saying that they'd found inspiration in something I'd said. It's validating because you work so hard -- so hard, and you'd work that way even if nobody was watching, and when someone says something like that it means that your work has a purpose, a reason, a benefit.... Being helpful to others is, I think, one of the highest aspirations a person can have.

I was at lunch with a model, years ago, who was rather regularly interrupted by people coming up to ask for her autograph. I asked if it bothered her and she said: "This is what I wanted all my life, I'll sign autographs until my hand falls off. If there's a day I say no someone needs to drop a television on my head." I thought it was a lovely sentiment and it affected me deeply.

For years I'd been the hugest fan of Mark Klett, the photographer, and a few months back I finally sent him a letter saying how much his work had impacted me -- changed my life -- what I still remembered years later & why. He wrote back saying "It's letters like this that make it all worthwhile."

Send someone a fan letter this week.
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