August 13th, 2008

Why do they call it a desert when you can't eat it?

I've found a couple more publishers who I think might be right for the desert book, and I found an agent for War Paint, which, hopefully, means someone who's savvy enough to get me a better deal than I would have myself with a nice big fat publisher. It's hard to sell people on the desert book, because nobody buys books of travel essays (except me). All my rejections say "you're a fantastic writer, but we don't think we can sell a travel book about the desert" -- I knew that when I started though, and I never meant it to be anything more than something I put together for friends. But it is nice to have multiple dogs in the fight, so when someone calls and says "I really like your book proposal!" I can say "Which one?!"

Here's one from the Mojave.

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