August 16th, 2008

down the shore

We went, as they say in New Jersey, where I grew up, down the shore so that I could write the convocation address that I'm giving at Rowan University at the end of the month and get in some relaxation. There's been much activity lately, but precious little inactivity. The idea of sitting somewhere doing nothing usually horrifies me, but then I tell myself You're not doing nothing, you're reading books and filling your head with the stuff of tales to tell and, hey stock photos of sunsets!"

And Neil sent some of the stories that he's writing for Who Killed Amanda Palmer and I'm thinking "wow, like ... if I read this fast I'll be one of only two people on Earth who've read it! Which was a pretty neat feeling. And now I'm probably one of like six people. Woohoo. AAAAND, Neil freaking Gaiman is one of like six people who has seen The Fabulous Stuff (tm) that I'm doing. The book is coming together! Holy smokes.

Anyhoo. Beach = marvelous. Trillian = love. Life = best.

Here's some photos.

Well, this was not a boat accident!

And it wasn't Jack the Ripper!

It was a shark.

Okay, maybe not.

We carved a little slice of perfect out of the world and held it tight.

I hope y'all did something fabulous this week.
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oh yeah baby

If Ronnie James Dio were here right now, he'd be singing "WE ROCK!"*

* actually, he would probably be going "Holy donuts, it's that idiot from Jersey again."
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