August 20th, 2008

can someone grab me a london metro?

I got a mention in this article about Who Killed Amanda Palmer. Can someone grab me one and hang onto it until Trill and I get to England next? Danke!

Big news tomorrow. Or maybe it's just cool news. But tomorrow.

In other news--

The Drownout are playing Washington DC's Wonderland Ballroom tonight at 10. Tomorrow they're in Philly at Doc Watsons, you should come hang out with me and Trillian and be fabulous.

Here's a desert.

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i'm an explorer, dude

The big news is that a couple of weeks ago my publicist got a call from freaking National Geographic Explorer saying that they were interested in doing a segment on my documentary photography book about gun owners. I didn't say anything because, well, you know, it might fall through and all. But today trillian_starsand I went down to the National Geographic Society in Washington DC for a taping....

Here's me on the set (after makeup and hair so I look extra badass)

photo actually by trillian stars

They had a peg board set up as a backdrop holding a dozen prop guns. The interview went really well, we talked about making the book, driving across the country, meeting people, photography, my own observations from being up-close to all this for the last few years. My impression is that they're going to get a couple of pro-gun people and a couple of anti-gun people and my segment is the thing in the middle. The National Geographic office was amazing, it reminded me of Google in a lot of ways -- there were amazing photo exhibits hanging up inside and outside, beautiful sharp 16x20's from the 1930's and 40's taken with 8x10's or 4x5's -- some of the very images that make me interested in photography from the beginning

Here's Alana and Patrick the producer and director. They said lovely things about my book. (Alana also produced "Grizzly Man" so I expect this one will be very good.) Patrick asked the questions, it was very conversational and he was super nice. His daughter is the author of Full Moon Feast: Food and the Hunger for Connection

and me and trillian_stars!

Then we came home, had dinner with Trillian's awesome father and were still fabulous even more. Oh, and THEY GAVE US NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC EXPLORER T-SHIRTS. Because we're explorers and all. I'll be wearing mine every day.
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