September 17th, 2008

vegan omelet

I stopped eating eggs after seeing video footage of the inside of an industrial chicken coop. I'm sure you can find them on youtube. I was horrified and didn't want to participate in something that caused so much suffering on such a vast scale. The last egg I ate was in 2003 while trying not to upset my grandparents in a diner in central Illinois. Then last year, lxbean offered me some of her free range eggs. I knew her chickens were treated like queens, they had quality of life, they were happy, got petted, lived in a great coop with fluffy pillows, indoor plumbing and all that ... I tossed the idea around in my head and came to the conclusion that over the years I'd just come to think of eggs as ... well, something I wasn't interested in eating, something I didn't particularly like. (Like if they do succeed in growing vats of cruelty-free boneless chicken meat, I'm not sure if I'll want any.) But I do miss breakfast traditions, something about growing up in the U.S. omelets are what you make for breakfast. I wanted the omelet, but not the egg.

Well, this morning Roswell and I made a Very Successful eggless omelet. I kid you not. There was a false start (which trillian_stars ate, and then a much more successful attempt. It has omelet texture, but not really an egg taste -- and the great thing about this is I'm not stuck trying to make it taste like eggs -- it can be sesame flavored or, heck, I can put cilantro in it -- I think we could have this perfected in a week. The cats went nuts over it, even the ones who usually couldn't care less about my cooking.

Hope you're all having a happy morning.

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