September 19th, 2008

album coverz

So I just shot the cover for Gary Billings' solo album "Grey Skies" -- of course it was perfectly sunny so we had to adapt.

Here we are with Ludwig Van being very Rock and Roll.

I took what I think is my best band photo ever of Gary and his old band, Carfax Abbey back in ... 2000 or so with a two megapixel Nikon coolpix 950. The file is 750k and I have a 30x40 print of it hanging in my kitchen and it looks Darn Nice.

and this live shot I like a lot of them playing the TLA in Philly in 2002

Tonight I got to listen to his album which is a huge departure -- it's completely acoustic which, if you know Carfax Abbey is an unexpected direction. Carfax is like being force fed armageddon (check out "Ketamine", "Second Skin", or "Evisceration"). Gary's new album is someone trying to build things. His very distinctive voice is still there, but the wanton destruction is gone. And I get all tingly now when someone says "here's my new album" and it's got a hand written label. I feel special. (And if you think Nine Inch Nails, is cool and Vision Thing was the best Sisters of Mercy Album then you should probably buy Second Skin or It Screams Disease.)

Album comes out second week of October and Gary's got a kick-off show in the area, I'll let y'all know. His myspace page is here.

trillian_stars just walked in, I'm like a kid with a puppy!
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