September 25th, 2008

since about 800 people emailed to ask....

Aunt Ella was born September 30th, 1886. I don't know when she got the rocking chair. Probably in the 30's. I was too young to ask her all the interesting questions that I would ask now, about prohibition, WWI, WWII, the depression. But she loved me very much and we talked about that. She died in 1979.

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apropos of everything!

Someone just emailed me the video blog of the LD Fargo public library in Lake Mills Wisconsin reviewing my book and freaking Jill Greenberg's monkey portrait book. How cool is that? (And, since the library is in Wisconsin, the director, Gerard Sailor, is able to punctuate his review with lines like "I see a K31, and a Long Bolt Mauser, and an AR variant here...."

It's a cool video blog and what an awesome library director -- he totally makes me want to have a cocktail party so that i can invite him. What an uplifting and refreshing attitude. Books ARE COOL people. Give them some love!!
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holy smokes kids! you can meet Ego Likeness!!!

Ego Likeness is doing a rare in-store tomorrow from 6-10:30 at digital ferret down south street way. They're gonna be there for hours which probably means you can stand right in front of them and snap photo after photo of the back of the head of the person in front of you shouting questions like "Why don't you play Subway Hula anymore?" and "What's it like to kick Voltaire's ass?!" while Steve and Donna look nervous and make those "why the hell did we agree to do this?!" noises.

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