September 28th, 2008

baby ... i've been ... breaking ... glass in your room again....

Sometime in ... 2002 or so, this unknown band stayed at my house -- one in a long string of unknown bands -- and when they left the started what became known as "the dresden doll test." Out of all the ten zillion bands who had ever stayed here on their way between parts unknown, they were the only people who made the bed when they left. I don't expect bands to make the bed, really, I expect them to crash after the show, get up the next morning, and go on -- rock and roll -- they proved themselves to be exceptional, and it was a pre-echo of things to come. Anyhoo, they also drew all over the edges of my bathroom mirror in eyeliner -- basically my mirror was one six foot Amanda Palmer Eyebrow and I thought it was marvelous and we kept it around. Sometime in 2005 the housekeeper inexplicably washed it off which made me a bit sad.

Well anyway, fast-forward (zoom zoom zoom) I was out yesterday at one of those events in a west philadelphia basement where they feed belligerent drunks to enormous alligators in a very one sided "wrestling match" and when i got home after winning some not-inconsiderable stack of cash (I always bet on the alligator) there was a HUGE package waiting for me.

How very thoughtful. And JUST last week, trillian_stars and I did some home improvement that made us move a large piece of art out of the hallway and we were wondering what we'd put in its place.


We just got back from seeing Tom Stoppard's play "Rock and Roll" -- Trillian will probably have a more through (and erudite) review -- I found it sadly labored and ... rather extremely long. It did pick up towards the end but the first act was ... too much like watching a play. We've been spoiled by some exquisite theater lately and the fact that I was watching a play, rather than being a fly on a wall kept bouncing up in front of me like an elephant in combat boots doing the Electric Slide. So sad after that amazing performance of W!t we saw recently on a stage about 1/10th the size with an audience on an equally reduced scale (and tickets priced accordingly as well). There were some nice performances from some of the actors, and I liked the ending -- but overall, I felt that I'd snubbed three other plays, in smaller venues, that I could have seen for the same price.
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