October 6th, 2008

one plus one plus one.

A package arrived in the mail last week, the size of a shoebox, postmarked Wyoming. It was from trillian_stars's 92 year old grandfather. Inside were a pair of blue boots that belonged to her grandmother who passed away last year. As one memory leaves, another arrives. There was also a wonderful letter talking about how he enjoys the novels of Edgar Rice Burroughs. trillian_stars wrote about it in a recent journal entry.

We spent the evening playing pinball, watching Monk and an indie film called Turquoise Rose I picked up in Page Arizona.

Oh, and we lit the fireplace. It took 20 minutes to figure out the "on" procedure. I assume this will get faster.

I got THREE googlewhacks yesterday. zyflo philologist, zyflo ratter, and the third one, which is a secret because i haven't posted it to the whack stack yet. I figure three in a day is enough to make other people cry.
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the bookcase that paul built


let's see your elaborate lighting setups, your cell phone snapshots, your scanned drawings on napkins, your stacks under the mattress, your piles in corners, but show me where your books live!
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