October 12th, 2008

i'll return shortly, with act two

Lots of photos, but I've compressed them a lot so they'll load faster. See, I'm always looking out for you.

It's been the most wonderful weekend imaginable. trillian_stars' opening on Friday went wonderfully. An overflow crowd filled Curio theatre and they had to open up alternate seating sections.

The play was staged marvelously with six actors playing all the parts and a stage that was incredibly fluid -- using the same six people and a variety of costumes and moveable sets veteran director/adapter Jared Reed (who'd previously adapted, directed, and starred in The Odyssey) was able to very convincingly and beautifully create crowded streets and labyrinthine buildings that seemed megalithic, crowded, and always in motion. Tension builds as protagonist Joseph K finds himself caught up in an unfathomable beaurocracy-- a morass of judges, thugs, lawyers, policemen and an assortment of strange women with uncertain goals. The ending leaves the audience stunned

Afterwards silveringridd, indigo_spice, shadowcaptain and I went to the "meet the actors" party. Silveringridd came all the way from Chicago to see the play which seems like a long way, but it's not nearly as far as Indigo Spice, who came from Portland to see it. Shadowcaptain drove up from Washington DC.

More photos of the after party Collapse )

After the meet-the-actors party, we all retired to Casa Del Milla and crashed. Had Breakfast with RoswellTM the next morning and then zoomed down to Washington DC for a Top Secret photo shoot. (trillian_stars had to stay in Philly for the weekend performances.) The shoot went quickly and wonderfully and I did some portraits for the awesome Rocking Chair Project and then we went back to Shadow Captains house.

Silveringridd is so freaking funny. We love her.

Silveringridd and Indigo Spice on the set of the Top Secret Photo Shoot.

Diana and Dave, who live in the most amazing log cabin and were gracious enough to tell me their rocking chair stories.

One of the things that I love the most about this life is that I am surrounded by so many wonderfully creative people. And what do they do? Who can say -- you put them in a room, shake lightly, and this time, a house concert happened.

The lovely and talented Morrigan Condo stopped over (you will remember her as the underwater-goth-mermaid in the black dress from a couple weeks ago), picked up a guitar, and treated us to a show, with muzikmaker21 on standup bass. Previously I'd thought that Nathan was just a shakespearian actor and soundtrack writer, but no, I discovered that he's in freaking Trout Fishing in America as was his father before him. Holy crikies! I started singing "All I want is a proper cup of coffee, made in a proper cup of coffee pot..." Those of you with kids will no doubt be very excited.


and with Indigo Spice

and tazina, the author of The Cardinal's Heir

and the par-tay

For a while, it seemed all my friends were getting married. Then a few years later it seemed that all my friends were getting divorced. Now it seems like all my friends have written books or recorded albums or made movies. I don't know if my peer group is changing, or if we're just growing up.

Kevin, who's so cool he knows Weird Al, dropped a wonderful phrase during conversation: The game's not worth the candle -- meaning "what you get out of a particular something isn't worth the investment." It seems so simple, beautiful, and useful.

We went to bed around two. This morning Nathan drove us to the Greyhound station and we're currently on the bus on the way back. We got a flat tire somewhere in Maryland which turned out to be awesome, because we got to go into the 7-11 while waiting to get rescued. I had an awesome fruit container with cantaloupe, grapes, and freaking fantastic honeydew and we got to visit a place we've never been to.

Trillian's about to start her matinee, we'll be back in town just before it ends -- the whole world continues to spin wonderful. From my little outpost on spaceship Earth, I wish you all well.
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